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About Me

My Story

If you’re reading this you are probably someone who wants to make changes in your life or has already got to work transforming your world.  You’re motivated, passionate, willing to work to get things done and open to learning new things. 


You’re keen to create a new life for yourself. Yet, somehow it feels as though nothing really changes or it doesn’t change quickly enough. No matter how hard you work and what you try.


This is where I come in.  I’m a kick-ass life coach and author who loves nothing more than showing people how to empower themselves to live a life of their own design.  I help to untangle any knots of procrastination, confusion, limiting belief systems, whatever it may be so you can be set free to soar wherever you choose to go. 


I show you how to create a step by step plan that you can put into action straight away.  We work together to breakthrough any blockages that may be holding you back and start a positive daily routine that can transform your life to one of your own design.


If you are looking for something ‘more’ in life,  let’s get started on helping you straight away.  You can check out my ‘Events Page’ for any upcoming workshops or if you prefer a more personal approach, click on the ‘work with me’ link for chat about how I can help.


Helping people and being of service is my passion.  I’m here to serve you.  You just have to ask.




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