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Have you got an Idea?

There is nothing more satisfying in this world than giving birth to an idea. Giving it shape and form. Breathing life into it. Creating it. Having it come alive right before your eyes. From dream to reality. Something that came directly from you. Is a part of you.

It is also the most challenging thing you could do. Most people’s ideas stay at just that. Ideas. It takes courage to bring an idea to life. It takes effort and a shitload of hard work. A willingness to push through every obstacle that comes your way whether it is real or imagined.

I find the hardest obstacle to push past is myself. If only I could just get out of my own way. How many of you feel the same? You have this amazing idea, this passion that you want to share with the world but your own limiting self-beliefs stop you from doing just that.

It’s easy to believe that successful entrepreneurs (those whose idea’s are now reality’s) are either lucky or genetically blessed with intelligence or other some ‘amazing’ gene that allows them to skip the challenges and hardships and charge on straight through to success. But that is not the case. Most people just don’t talk about the challenges or hardships, only the wins.

What successful people have is the ability to persevere despite the hardships. A belief in themselves that they can and will make this idea come to life regardless of what obstacles get in their way. That they are willing to do whatever is required. No matter how long that takes. They get into action regardless of how they are feeling. Despite how busy they are and whether today is a good day or not. Successful people don’t wait. They do.

So if you are waiting for the right time, to be in the right head space, to be in the right environment, let me tell you now. There is no RIGHT time. There is only now. Don’t wait for things to be perfect before starting. Don’t wait to feel better. Don’t wait to have more time. Don’t wait for something to change. Do a little something every day to bring your idea to life. Even when you are sick, busy, tired or don’t feel like it.

Get out of your own way and DO SOMETHING. Just by getting into some form of action, the energy will shift around you. Like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. It may take some time and a lot of doing for the energy to shift but shift it will. Even a little bit of action will start the energy moving. The more you do, the more energy starts to build. You have to start to create momentum. Just like trying to move a boulder up a mountain. At first it’s hard and pushing it up that bloody big mountain may feel impossible but when you get to the top and keep on pushing, momentum takes over and away you go. No stopping you now.

If you have an idea that’s been germinating in that amazing brain of yours. Go write it down. Take one little step. Do a little bit of action and watch what happens. You don’t have to have all the answers today. It doesn’t have to be mapped out to perfection. You just have to start with what you know now. One step at a time. Dare to turn that dream, that idea into reality. Bring a little piece of you into this world. It will be the most challenging and rewarding thing you could do for yourself.


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