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What do you choose in your life?

The view across the horizon is stunning. Tall red cliffs surrounded by crystal clear blue water is like nothing else in this world. The infinity pool floats across the top, its aqua blue water contrasting with the deep blue of the lake below. Six years go I never thought this would be where I am sitting today. It would’ve been a dream for other people to experience. Not me. Six years ago my life was in ashes. All my dreams and hopes for the future quashed into smithereens. Six years ago I didn’t even want to make it to the next day.

Yet in the depths of despair a choice was made. To live or not. To dream or not. To believe there was a better future out there just waiting for me to claim it. To understand this was just another journey and it was up to me to take the lessons into my life, or not. That I could use this experience as a springboard. The depths I had fallen to would only take me higher than I had ever been before. If I chose too.

I chose. I chose to believe I could fly. That life was just showing me another way to live. Another way to be. At times it was difficult to believe there was more but I held onto my dream. I clutched it close to my heart and held it tight. Even when others laughed at me, thought I was insane or nothing but a wishful dreamer, I held tight to my vision. Only I could see. When tough times kept trying to push me back down, I knew it was only the springboard of life pressing down low so I could soar higher than ever before. I continued to choose. Every day. No matter what!

Today I am soaring. Higher than I ever thought. Living a life that before was nothing more than a dream. Today I am on top of the world. Because I chose.

Every day we choose. Whether we are conscious of it or not. We choose. We choose to dream or we choose to give up. We choose to take action or we choose to do nothing. We choose to live or we choose to stagnate. Every little bit of our life we choose. We choose to be happy or we choose to be miserable. We choose to be free or we choose to feel trapped. We choose to believe or we choose not to.

What do you choose in your life? What have the choices you’ve made created? Is it a life you want to be living? Because whether you are aware of it or not, every single choice you’ve made in life has led you to where you are today. Happy or sad. Rich or poor. All are from choices you have made.

Its not always easy to look at the life around you. At the person you have become and realise you are not happy. That you do no like the person you are. That you do not like the life that you live. But you have to be honest with yourself and own the choices that have led you to where you are today.

Choose to learn the lessons life is giving you and dream a bigger dream. Create a vision for yourself and strive at every opportunity to create that reality. Choose every day what sort of life you want and who you want to be. Know that the choice is yours. The power is yours and belongs to no one else. The power to choose. Choose the life you wish to live.

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